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The other main criteria that affects the price you will pay is whether the pushchair seat faces forward only or is reversible so that your baby can face you. Many mothers prefer to be able to see their baby at all times and it is better for a young baby to have eye contact with his mum. However, when he gets older, your baby will probably want to see where he is going. Pushchairs that face in both directions are generally more expensive.

A Good Set of Wheels

There is also a choice of wheels. Swivel wheels are great when you're taking your pushchair around the shopping mall, but they can be awkward over rough ground. Large, fixed wheels are better for going out walking. The recent fashion has been for air-filled tires. These give a softer ride for your baby but they can puncture, so you'll need a repair kit and a pump if you choose this type.


Pushchairs for older children are often lighter and are sometimes referred to as strollers or buggies, but at first, support for the back is of vital importance. If your baby will be spending more than a couple of hours at a time lying in the pushchair, then you should seriously consider a three-in-one that comes with a carrycot and a mattress.

Leaving a very young baby in a car seat for more than a couple of hours is also bad for his back. If you want to have something for a baby to sleep in overnight, then a carrycot is essential.

You can use a sheet and blankets with a carrycot that has a mattress. With a two-in-one or a fully-reclining pushchair your baby will lie directly on the fabric, so it's important that it is easily removable and washable.

With a fully reclining pushchair, and to some extent with a two-in-one, you will need to dress your baby for the outdoor weather rather than keep him warm with blankets.

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