Travel Strollers, Prams and Baby Carriers.

Size Matters
The size of the pushchair aka stroller (We recommend Baby Jogger Strollers ) when folded may be important. If you use public transport you won’t want one that’s too big to take on the bus. Some cars have small boots and this may limit your choice of pushchair unless you change the car! The size when folded may also be important when it comes to storing the pram.

If you are taller or shorter than average, look carefully at the height of the handle and make sure you can push without bending your back. Some pushchairs come with adjustable handles so you can find the position that is best for you. These are invaluable if your partner is much taller or shorter than you.

The material of the handle can also make a difference. Several pushchairs have soft handles that are very comfortable. Some of those with hard plastic handles have a rough finish: it can vary even between models of the same make.

The ease with which you can use the brakes also matters. If they are awkward, then you are likely not to bother sometimes, despite the fact that you are putting your baby at risk.

System Addicts
So how does a Travel system work? Babies often fall asleep in their car seats and it makes life much easier if you can simply transfer both to the pushchair without waking your baby up.

However, it is vital that you realize that all car seats do not fit all cars and that the car seat with your preferred pushchair may not fit your car. A badly fitted car seat will not give your child the protection he needs if you were to have an accident. You must also remember that a car seat is designed to give the best protection in the event of an accident: it is not designed for a baby to sit in all day. Newborn babies shouldn’t be left in a car seat for more than a couple of hours. So, you should use a carrycot or a lie-flat pushchair for those more leisurely trips around the shops.

Finally, and only at the very end of your decision making process, should you consider the appeal of the pushchair. Many parents make the mistake of choosing the pushchair they like the look of, and only after pushing it for a few weeks do they realize that they should have chosen something different but slightly less stylish. For more information on baby carriers or strollers visit TABC at:

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